Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms and operating systems is this bundle available for?

All of the games in this bundle are available for Microsoft Windows. Steel Storm is available for Mac and Linux as well. Unfortunately we aren't offering more platforms for the other games, in this bundle.

How long will the bundle last?

This bundle is a temporary offer and will last until July 3.

How can I hear the very latest on developments of the bundle?

I'll be posting updates to my Twitter.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem or a question?

If you have technical or support questions specific to a game in the bundle, contact that game's developer. Otherwise you can contact me.

Will this bundle be available on Steam?

One of the games, Delve Deeper, can be redeemed on Steam. The remaining games are available on Desura.

The good news is that if this bundle is successful, Valve may be more open to seeing more of these games on Steam.

I have a problem with/did not get my Desura key.

There were some issues with Desura keys early in the bundle. We offered sacrifices to the Bundle Gods and they have since been resolved. If your Desura keys didn't work or you didn't get one, contact me and I will get you fixed up.

How long will my downloads be available?

Your download links have a lifetime of about a week. This is due to a limitation imposed on us by our payment provider. If you want to access your game after that time, please contact the developer and we would be happy to furnish you with a fresh link.

What is this sixth game all about?

Beginning Monday June 26th we are offering a sixth game for the same price of five bucks. The game is Star-Twine, a somewhat abstract space RTS. Players who purchased the bundle before June 26th will still have Star-Twine available to them, but due to a technical inconvenience they must request it by contacting our support line.

Star-Twine should now be redeemable on Desura with the original Desura redeem code, regardless of when you purchased the bundle.

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